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As the Chief Revenue Officer at CallTower, William Rubio exemplifies proficiency in strategic planning, executive leadership, and technological innovation. His career spans over 25 years in the global telecommunications, IT, Cloud industry and M&A space, showcasing his vast experience. His forward-thinking leadership and novel approach to the UCaaS, CCaaS, and Collaboration sectors have been instrumental in advancing CallTower’s standing among the industry’s foremost solution providers.

William’s career is marked by exceptional revenue growth achievements in both emerging and mature markets. His unique ability to forecast industry trends and business development has enabled him to capture opportunities, foster alliances, and propel start-up ventures into competitive positions. His technical proficiency extends to VoIP, Cloud solutions, wholesale, IT, and operations, which he leverages alongside his passion for strong partnerships and quality solutions.

Before joining CallTower, William held pivotal roles in leading EarthLink’s Nationwide Hosted Voice rollout in the indirect partner community, serving as Vice President of Sales at STS Telecom, and working with renowned companies such as AT&T and XO Communications.