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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does CallTower have a Faxing solution?

Yes, we can support a Physical Fax Device as well as a cloud based efax service

Do you support international SMS texting?

No, currently only US Phone numbers

Can I do SMS Texting with GCC High?

No, at this time Microsoft does not support this on the GCC High Platform; only commerical

Can I use my SIP Device with Teams?

As of Aug 2020; SIP devices are not supported by Microsoft. Changes are coming in 2021 – but – the devices will have LIMITED functionalty (basic ring and answer) and not be fully ingrated with Teams Advanced Features. Best user experience is going to be a Certified Teams Device

Why can’t CallTower add the Microsoft Audio Conferencing and Phone System SKU?

The partner of record has the access to add additional products to your Microsoft Tenant. If CallTower is not your CSP, we would be unable to add those services.

Do I have to pay for seperate features in Teams such as mobile app?

No mobile app is included in O365.

How does Teams integrate with my CRM?

This is done using CT Unite for Teams.

Can I use my current handsets with Teams?

We recommend using a Teams enabled device or using the softphone. However, Skype for Business enabled devices are supported with Teams if you already have those devices.

How do we add or remove users?

This is done through the CallTower Connect admin portal.

Do you have any additional questions?

Please reach out to us by calling (800) 347-5444 or email us using the relevant department link below: