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Unite for MS Teams. 

Unite for MS Teams seamlessly integrating your CRM with Microsoft Teams, streamlining essential business tools


Unite for MS Teams provides integration to an unprecedented range of business and contact-orientated applications, offering a standard set of features with a huge range of popular cross-vertical and vertical-specific apps.



A comprehensive range of click-to-dial techniques is standard with CT Cloud Unite, enabling significant time savings within your favourite applications. You can even train it to work with applications we know nothing about.


Details of a new caller can be easily saved in your personal directory. Integrated applications can be searched and dialled from the results.


If a caller is located in an integrated application, you will see full contact information details quickly “pop-up” on screen.


Easily view a list of your most recent inbound and outbound calls, and/or view a more comprehensive call history list. Any telephone number in these lists can be redialed with a single click.


Caller Preview is enabled for both inbound and outbound calls, if a match for the caller is located within the integrated directories the caller’s summary details are displayed on screen. This allows the you to see full details before you answer the call.


Quickly and easily add call notes to the business system.


Record activity in business applications for all inbound and outbound calls (Activity Logging for outbound currently not support with MS Teams, only inbound logging). This feature is currently available within a limited business applications.


CT Cloud Unite comes in two licence versions: “Express” and “CRM”. Both versions offer the same click-to-dial functions, call history, and contact searching with pop-up integration with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus/IBM Notes and Google Contacts. The CRM version offers the same contact searching with information pop-up integration into additional business applications and systems.

This far-reaching integration solution will improve the quality and professionalism of your call handling and the caller’s experience. It increases the productivity and collaboration of phone system’s users and reduce the time and costs involved with making and receiving large volumes of calls. CT Cloud Unite helps realise the full potential of hosted telephony solutions.

CT Cloud Unite is a client-only solution, specifically designed for CallTower’s hosted Cloud Voice platform and is easy to instal, configure and upgrade.