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One Click Failover for Microsoft Teams

A groundbreaking solution that ensures continuity and uninterrupted communication in the event of a downed single-circuit connexion, emergency, or natural disaster.

One Click Failover

Gain peace of mind and the ability to maintain communication channels even in challenging circumstances.

With this failover solution, businesses can rest assured that they will not miss important calls or experience significant downtime if there is an interruption in the Microsoft Teams service. The ability to forward phone numbers in real-time during a Teams outage is a testament to CallTower’s commitment to providing reliable and robust communication solutions.


Implementing the
One-Click Failover system
is simple and user-friendly.

CallTower Connect

One click failover leverages the CallTower Connect Admin Portal, where administrators can easily configure the failover settings and specify where calls should be forwarded in case of an outage. This streamlined process empowers organisations to take control of their communication continuity without the need for complex manual interventions.

By offering this failover functionality, CallTower addresses one of the critical concerns for businesses heavily reliant on Microsoft Teams as their primary communication platform. The potential impact of service outages can be mitigated, ensuring that organisations can continue operating smoothly and serving their customers without disruptions.