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CallTower Revolutionizes Communication with CT Text in Webex Calling 

Unlock the Power of MMS and SMS Texting Capabilities in Webex by Cisco



CallTower, an international leader in delivering cloud-based enterprise-class unified communications, contact center and collaboration solutions has launched CT Text with MMS and SMS texting capabilities in Cisco Webex, enabling users to send text communication directly from within the Webex Calling platform allowing for an increase in work collaboration proficiency.  

CallTower’s Cisco Webex solution with CT Text delivers both MMS and SMS capabilities translated in over 60 languages ensuring ease of contact and conversation searching within the Webex client and simplifying communications. Utilizing the same number used for voice calls, CT Text maximizes reach and impact of SMS and MMS users within Webex by Cisco by enabling individuals to text directly from their voice number or a group shared phone number. CT Text further enhances global communication strategies with features like group texting and text translation for over 60 languages. 

“We are thrilled to have launched this addition to CallTower’s Webex solution,” cited CallTower Chief Revenue Officer William Rubio. “With both MMS and SMS CT Text integrations available in over 60 languages, users can communicate via one central platform, instead of sending texts from a cell phone or a third-party application. The result of this integration translates into improved communications with customers, supplemented with the increased security associated with a safe and secure single interaction platform.” 

As a Cisco Partner since 2002, CallTower completed a rigorous certification process to ensure end-to-end compatibility with Webex solutions. Most recently, CallTower earned the Cisco Powered Premiere Provider Worldwide designation.  This in-depth process ensures that customers receive consistently high-quality and reliable services from Cisco Certified Calling Providers. Customers can be confident that CallTower supports a wide range of Webex deployments, including basic calling scenarios, enterprise-scale Webex Calling, Webex Dedicated Instance migrations, and demanding high-volume Webex Contact Center deployments. 

About CallTower 

Since its inception in 2002, CallTower has evolved into a global cloud-based, enterprise-class Unified Communications, Contact Center, and Collaboration solutions provider for growing organizations worldwide. CallTower provides, integrates, and supports industry-leading solutions, including Operator Connect for Microsoft® Teams, MS Teams Direct Routing, GCC High Teams Direct Routing, Microsoft® 365, Cisco® Webex Calling / UCM, Cisco® CCP, Zoom Phone, Zoom (BYOB) and four contact center options, including Five9 for business customers. 

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