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Voice Redundancy Solutions. 

Application failover solutions in the event of a down single circuit connection, emergency or natural disaster.

CallTower’s Voice Redundancy Solutions that keep your business up and running.  Outages and downtime cost you time and money. You deserve multiple paths to ensure 100% voice uptime. CallTower’s expanded offering includes a wide range of circuit providers to offer carrier diverse flexibility and peace of mind.



CT Cloud Boost brings results by connecting data centers directly to the domestic network backbone and POPs of carriers. Customer traffic hops on this advanced network at the closest POP, delivering a fully redundant architecture. This connection makes the CT Cloud Boost solution among the most easily implemented and provides top-tier internet performance and uptime.


MVC offers added benefits such as:

Greater Peace
of Mind

Cost savings for small businesses

No customer intervention needed

Protection against network disruptions with immediate and dynamic failover

Continuity of business-critical voice applications

Ability to failover to any internet connection – DSL, cable, wireless

CallTower’s One Click Failover solution forwards phone numbers during the possibility of a Microsoft Teams interruption of service. This allows customers to still receive critical or valuable inbound calls until connectivity is restored individual and contact center users as well as automated attendants. When this option is enabled, all predetermined programmed Teams numbers from that organization will forward to the user-specified alternative device/application. When the connection is restored, within seconds a customer can simply uncheck forwarding, press save, and all forwarding will be removed. 


This free Cisco feature will enable you to automatically forward all calls to an alternative line when a phone connection is lost due to circuit, internet, or power failure.

Talk you your support representative at to help you set this up in CallTower Connect.