Escalation Paths.

Our Technical and Implementation Escalation Paths Ensure Timely Resolution



Level 1

CallTower Support

Phone: (800) 347-5444opens phone dialer
Email: support@calltower.comcreate new email 

Legacy OneStream Networks
Network Operations Center

Phone: (800) 869-0315 option 1opens phone dialer
Email: support@calltower.comcreate new email 

Your Assigned Project Manager

Level 2

CT Cloud and Zoom Support Manager – Matt Lym

Office: (801) 938-1377opens phone dialer
opens phone dialerMobile: (385) 715-3119opens phone dialer
Email: mlym@calltower.comcreate new email

Cisco Support Manager – Jordan Farnsworth

Office: (415) 869-8951opens phone dialer
Mobile: (385) 707-7314opens phone dialer
Email: jfarnsworth@calltower.comcreate new email

Microsoft Support Manager – Dylan Lewis

Office: (801) 934-3734opens phone dialer
Mobile: (801) 508-5674opens phone dialer
Email: Dylan.lewis@calltower.comcreate new email

On Call Manager 

Office: (801) 508-5670opens phone dialer 
(M-F 5pm to 8am, S-S) 

Legacy OneStream Networks – NOC Manager – Brian Simpson

Office: (585) 563-1850opens phone dialer
Mobile: (585) 469-9729opens phone dialer
Email: bsimpson@calltower.comcreate new email

Service Delivery Manager (Enterprise) – Antoinette Rodriquez 

Office: (801) 702-4017opens phone dialer 
Mobile: (801) 403-8690opens phone dialer 
Email: arodriquez@calltower.comcreate new email 


Service Delivery Manager (Small Business) – Sandy Hepworth

Office: (801) 702-4071opens phone dialer 
Mobile: (801) 891-7728opens phone dialer 
Email: shepworth@calltower.comcreate new email 

Level 3

VP of Client Support – Jim Manetta 

Office: (585) 563-1868opens phone dialer 
Mobile: (585) 797-3021opens phone dialer 
Email: jmanetta@calltower.comcreate new email 

Senior Director of Service Delivery – Brett Reese 

Office: (801) 702-4242opens phone dialer 
Mobile: (801) 718-0722opens phone dialer 
Email: breese@calltower.comcreate new email 

Level 4

CEO CallTower – Bret England  

Office: (415) 869-8922opens phone dialer  
Mobile: (408) 893-9070opens phone dialer  
Email: bengland@calltower.comcreate new email