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Navigating a Workplace in the Cloud

a comprehensive buyers journey

The Cloud Workplace Expedition: Revealing Paths to Cloud Communication Connectivity

Navigating a Workplace in the Cloud Buyers Journey provides a practical roadmap to address a substantial challenge. As the adoption of Unified Communications (UC), Contact Center (CC) and Key Integrations continues to gain momentum, businesses of all types and sizes are increasingly realizing the advantages of integrating VoIP telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing, mobility, presence, and collaboration capabilities within a cohesive business framework.

You will likely encounter inquiries regarding functionalities, deployment alternatives, and how to handle the numerous business decisions that will impact your workforce. Having a comprehensive strategy is one aspect of the key to a successful Journey to the Workplace in the Cloud. Yet, at times, the most significant hurdle is taking that initial step. Let’s explore the pathway to enhancing your comprehensive communications strategy.



In the initial discovery phase of the Journey, it’s imperative for IT and business leaders to stand together, fostering a tight-knit, cooperative atmosphere. This collaborative team will need to skillfully navigate a substantial array of complementary and conflicting requirements, features, and deployment possibilities to ultimately pinpoint the perfect UC solution for the end-users. We’ve put together a strategy to guide you through the discovery process.


The 2 Critical Advantages with a UCaaS System

Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) solutions have transformed the capability of companies to connect and communicate in a professional and cost-effective manner.

How Unified Communications can Increase Your ROI

Increasing your return on investment (ROI) is not the easiest task to accomplish, but having the right Unified Communications (UC) strategy to lean on can make it a little easier.

Comparing Business Communication: Cloud, Unified and VoIP

Before the rise of internet communication in the form of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), PBX systems were the height of business communication technology.




Unified Communications are reshaping the landscape of work processes. Entrepreneurs are delving into their organization’s needs to ascertain whether an on-premise or cloud-based solution aligns most effectively with the company’s overarching short and long-term objectives. Explore further to discover more.


5 Key Benefits of Video Conferencing Solutions

The way we work is changing – with offices around the globe, remote employees and work-from-home policies, it can be increasingly difficult to maintain solid collaboration.

Microsoft 365 and Working from Home

With the proper technology and process strategies, all employees who are working from home can remain safe and healthy without seeing a dip in productivity. 

Cloud Communication: The Advantages over Legacy

Should your business communication be an on-premises exchange or a cloud service? While other components of your organization might make a legacy system a better fit for you, cloud communication has the edge in several distinct areas.




You’ve evaluated your choices and concluded that integrating Unified Communications solutions would enhance your business. Now, it’s crucial to begin the partner selection process and thoroughly explore potential vendors. The significance of thoroughly vetting vendors cannot be overstated, as the selected vendor will evolve into a lasting business partner, advisor, and advocate for your organization.


4 Ways a Stronger Network Can Improve Your Business

Dial-up internet might be dead, but there’s is a good chance your internet connection isn’t as strong, fast, and reliable as it could be. When your business has a stronger network, it improves the productivity of your workplace.

6 Ways for Technology to Assist Remote Work

Thanks to technological advancements, the number of people working from home has been rising steadily over the years.

Session Border Controller: On-Prem or Cloud?

If you’re looking to increase efficiency and cut costs, you have to make the most of your IT administrative team.




Commencing any implementation process necessitates a well-structured plan in collaboration with your hosted provider. The integration of IP voice into your UCaaS solution introduces a distinct technological emphasis. Various complications may arise for organizations during the implementation phase. Initiating a UC implementation without a predefined process in place poses significant risks.


Exploring Microsoft Teams Coexistence Modes

Microsoft has enabled presence for coexistence modes when those settings are used to specify collaborations for Microsoft Teams  and Skype for Business end users.

CallTower’s Managed Partners Network

CallTower has been a Microsoft Gold Partner for years, which allows customers to take advantage of a fully developed Managed Partner Network.

Controlling the Uncontrollable: 3 Ways to Prevent Internet Outages

Internet downtime is causing significant damage to organizations across the country, impacting employee productivity, client communications and other critical functions.




Numerous companies are actively striving to modify or transform their current communication systems into a unified platform. If you’re considering a shift to a UCaaS system, it’s crucial to adeptly navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in this transformative journey.


7 Microsoft Teams Tips: Get the Most Out of Collaboration

Do you know all the Microsoft Teams tips available to upgrade your collaboration experience? You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish when you go beyond the basics with your unfied communication solution.

How UC Network Reliability Can Boost Your User Experience

It is important to know that when it comes to investing in Unified Communications (UC), the user experience will be one of the main determining factors in whether the business fails or succeeds.

Stay Safe: 6 Awesome Network Security Tools

As news of major hacks and data breaches continues to fill the news on a daily basis, firms are looking for new ways to secure their networks.