SD-WAN & CT Cloud Boost

A new kind of networking foundation for IT leaders who need to deliver truly reliable internet connectivity for every application, every technology, every user, everywhere—over any ISP.


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The Problem

Enterprise WANs have traditionally used MPLS and single function CPE for connectivity and security. The result continues to be high cost and inflexible architectures, slow responses to service change requirements, and difficulty in deploying and managing proprietary hardware.

Our Approach

By transitioning from purely MPLS and single function CPE to SD-WAN+ and software-defined security (Security+), enterprises can harness a more flexible approach to delivering WAN and security services, reducing TCO significantly while increasing IT agility and ensuring compliance.

Our Solution 

CallTower has globally deployed SD-WAN software applications and security functions from Versa Networks. A carrier-grade solution, SD-WAN+ and Security+ are built within CallTower’s global network architecture and seamlessly integrated with their worldwide cloud-communications framework. This combination creates an unparalleled, comprehensive suite of enterprise-class managed services.

The Result 

SD-WAN+ and Security+ service offers advanced network design flexibility, application prioritization, zero-touch provisioning and security services over both public Internet, private WANs and existing MPLS and broadband networks. Through its management portal, CallTower provides a premium user experience with real-time access to applications routing, network performance, next-gen firewall settings and advanced network analytics.


Up to 80% Lower TCO

By standardizing on CallTower’s SD-WAN+ and Security+ services customers can slash their infrastructure Capex spend.

Customers can significantly lower their Opex by reducing or eliminating branch office truck rolls, shortening help desk and troubleshooting time, and easily integrating new services into existing deployments. Usage-based pricing ensures customers only pay for what they use.

Improve Performance & Security

CallTower’s SD-WAN+ services automatically identify over 2500 applications and assign the appropriate WAN access technology based on business policies. The result is better application performance and lower overall WAN costs.

For stronger branch security, additional security functions can be applied to traffic using direct Internet access, while MPLS traffic may not require it.

IT Agility – Deploy in Hours vs. Weeks

CallTower enables customers to roll out large-scale SD-WAN+ and branch security deployments quickly and without complex or proprietary hardware.

As a result, new deployments can be designed and validated in days. Network IT teams can adopt an agile, software-based flex model and remove the provisioning time and hardware dependency of traditional WAN and security architectures.

Simplify Support & Operations

With zero-touch provisioning and centralized management, IT teams can significantly reduce the time required to manage networking and security services at the branch, resulting in up to 50% opex savings.

In addition, CallTower’s SD-WAN+ Analytics (big data) analytics software provides customers with deep visibility and real-time intelligence into all networking and security functions to further simplify ongoing operations.

CT Cloud Boost


CT Cloud Boost ensures that companies leveraging Internet connectivity for any critical Cloud-based applications, such as hosted VoIP for phones and VPNs for branch connectivity have a high-quality experience. This intelligent SD-WAN solution prioritizes your VoIP traffic (and other important applications) over less critical traffic.

With CallTower CT Cloud Boost, we can help fill this need with a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solution that works with any type of Internet connection and firewall that you may have in place.


Internet Failover & Optimization

Thousands of Cloud Apps including Microsoft O365 and CRMs

Load Balancing and Quality of Service (QoS)

Site-to-Site VPN Foundation


CT Cloud Boost’s infrastructure combines proven SD-WAN technology with groundbreaking AI, giving you a new kind of networking platform that connects your business to any cloud and internet-based technology — delivering truly reliable connectivity over the public Internet.

Pre-configured CT Cloud Boost edger router installs outside the firewall

AI classifies, prioritizes, and routes each traffic type based on circuit health and technology needs

Leverage multiple paths to and from any destination your traffic needs to reach to ensure reliable and predictable performance

Built-in redundancy and directly peers with the cloud and internet-based technologies you rely on

Routers at multiple locations optimize connections to your VPN and datacenter



Improved Internet redundancy and reliability

Deployed within days

Strengthened connectivity to your critical cloud applications

More reliable network stability = Happy Users

MPLS & Public Internet

Public Internet has lower bandwidth options

MPLS can range anywhere from 60 to 120+ days to deploy

Public Internet delivers a subpar collaborative experience


The secret behind better Internet is simple and it lies within the cloud. Access to the cloud is too important to rely on a single path. You shouldn’t have to worry about Internet connections, performance and outages. This solution provides a stress-free way to utilize the multiple providers of your UC systems and enhance your Internet experience.