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CT Fax Complete

Cutting-edge email faxing service that enables businesses to send and receive faxes easily and cost-effectively

Online Fax Service

Whether your business needs faxing solutions through email or through cellular phone and mobile applications, our CT FAX COMPLETE service can be integrated with CallTower’s Cisco and Skype for Business offerings to provide your company the solutions you need.

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The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements created collaboratively by global credit-card companies to ensure that all companies that process, store or transmit credit-card information maintain a secure environment.

CT FAX COMPLETE’s unique PCI Fax service guarantees PCI DSS compliance for businesses and enterprises that send and receive/store faxes containing sensitive credit-card data, including CVV details.

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HIPAA Compliant

CT Fax Complete provides a range of security features to help organizations comply with HIPAA regulations:

  • Audit trail – our online fax service provides a full audit trail of faxes sent and received through our servers. Improving security for mobile client calls
  • Encryption – faxed messages can be delivered in encrypted formats, whether SSL or signed email (PKI), so that patient-identifying information can be delivered securely.
  • Automatic fax removal – messages containing sensitive content can be automatically deleted from our servers upon delivery.


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