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Clarity Federated Deployment Options

Hosted Microsoft Skype for Business

With Clarity Connect, all calls are delivered to agents via federation, so on-premises infrastructure is not needed. Instead, incoming calls go to one of our select hosting partners. Clarity Connect then intelligently routes the call, and delivers it to an agent via federation.

An instance of Clarity Connect runs in the hoster’s Skype for Business environment and handles the intake, queuing, and routing of calls. (1) The PSTN number is pointed at the hoster’s instance of Skype for Business, which then (2) routes incoming calls at that number to Clarity Connect. (3) Clarity Connect determines how the call should be routed and queued, and (4) delivers the call to the agent via federation. (5) Communication continues to end of session between the agent and Clarity Connect via federation.

On-Premises Skype for Business

Clarity Connect is cloud-managed, so clients can to move their contact center to the cloud, regardless of whether they have Office 365 or Skype for Business (on-premises or fully hosted). This model is flexible and helps clients

Benefits of Clarity Connect for Office 365

Clarity Connect enables you to move to the cloud while still leveraging your existing Microsoft investments.

  1. Deploy quickly and easily. There are no significant up-front costs or additional IT investments needed – instead, Clarity Connect is provisioned within a known hosted environment, ensuring a successful deployment. In addition, growth in your contact center can easily be accommodated with no additional investments technology infrastructure.
  2. No desktop installation. Anyone who is an O365 user can handle contact center interactions without further client-side installation – game changers for quick setup, maintenance and mobility.
  3. Simple maintenance and peerless reliability. Clarity Connect is native to Skype for Business and does not complicated or duplicate call control. An instance of Clarity Connect simply runs in the hoster’s Skype for Business environment and handles the intake, queuing, and routing of calls.
  4. Multi-channel communications. Use the full unified communications and collaboration functionality of O365, and easily add new features like web chat to improve efficiency and customer satisfatcion.
  5. Mobility. Leverage the seamless and secure external access of O365 for speedy user onboarding, disaster recovery, and for for remote workers and workers who move around or don’t use desk phones.
  6. Cost savings. Get rid of expensive PBX infrastructure and reduce maintenance resource costs. Plus, Clarity Connect is available at a lower price point than traditional call center products. This means you can deploy contact software where it would have been cost-prohibitive to do so before, for help desks, internal customer service operations and informal contact centers.


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