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Q&A With Jessica, CallTower’s Learning & Development Manager

Jessica Chavez-Smith

What is the best part of doing training with customers?

I LOVE training with our customers because each training session is a new opportunity I get to teach them something new and get them excited about our services. Also, being able to spend some time with our customers and getting to  know them is also fun.

What question do you most often get from customers during Cisco training vs Teams training?

The main questions that I get when I teach a new Teams customer, who is coming from a Cisco platform is “We don’t have to remember extensions anymore?

What is the most common question you get from customers?

The most common questions I get from customers is: “How do we forward a VM in Teams?” My answer is: You not only get the VM in Teams but also in Outlook. In Outlook, it arrives in your inbox as an email and will have the audio file and the transcription, which you can forward via email.  You can use Teams if you want to save the contact or if you want to call them.