Cisco HCS.

Cisco’s most innovative tools are enhanced by CallTower’s hosted enterprise IP telephony solution.


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As organizations become more complex their employees need smarter and better ways to collaborate. This experience should connect people, information and their teams. Cisco offers this experience – and it is the most secure IP telephone system available. CallTower’s Hosted Cisco solutions provide the ultimate in unified communications capability for all businesses, no matter how small or large. It delivers a seamless user experience with high-quality, scalable web and video capabilities. CallTower’s Cisco offerings are easytouse business communication technology tools that support mobility, messaging, conferencing and presence management.


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To replace our current system would have been $300,000 CapEx, plus we were spending $25,000 monthly on calling plans. With CallTower, we invested $15,000 on our monthly recurring license model.
Anthony Lopez

Senior Director of Technology, Tourneau


Cisco HCS provides comprehensive collaboration-as-a-service. The basic capabilities and benefits of this robust offering include corporate telephony, unified communications, conferencing, contact center and the following Key HCS Enhanced Features: 

Visual Voicemail: Visually review messages on phones with supported displays, allowing users to select which messages to open
Cisco Unity Connection: For Auto Attendants and Voicemail
Unity Voicemail: Easier CallTower Connect provisioning and scheduling, plus scheduled Call Routing

Custom Phone Wallpaper

Dial Plan Enhancements: Enables 10-digit dialing, placing a call directly from Missed Calls and Received Calls without edits

Improved Fraud: Admins can block calls to certain territories on a country-by-country basis

Busy Lamp: Combining speed dial and line presence, see which lines on your system are free

Enhanced Dial Plan Flexibility: Choose which dial-out number to use, or no number at all


Current Environment Feature Parity

License Management

Management of Maintenance


CallTower Connect

CallTower Connect simplifies the set-up and management of CallTower services like Cisco – facilitated within one easy to use online or mobile app. The provisioning application is launched by an end-user or company administrator to add or manage CallTower hosted services. The workload of administrators will decrease as users gain access to a simplified panel where changes to Cisco can be made without a call to support.

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CallTower is a leading provider of a wide range of high quality phones corded and wireless phones, sidecars, and conference phones to fit any size of organization’s needs. We offer various options that give you the best flexibility in the industry. Purchase, rent, or lease-to-own any device CallTower supports.

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